Is a genre of art that encompasses painting, drawing and other graphic media, in which an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in another medium

Every single day, there are many new products or establishments popping up in the market. In order to survive the competition there has to be some unique marketing ideas or advertisements for the product or a business. Getting an attention of a buyer has become very tough as there are innumerable number of brands for a same products or a business. The main prospect of an advertisement is to reach all the consumers in easy understandable way. There are many advertisement agencies which works in all parts of the country to support, market and establish a product to the consumers in a easy way. And very importantly before approaching an ad agency you should be able fix your concept of your business or product so that it is easy to think in many creative ways of advertising the product.
lighting is Important 
Correct lighting in a physical structure, especially a dwelling, adds beauty. It further gives an impression of space. This is why space and light planning is one of the main priorities of products. 
Using IES Light Profiles to accomplish realistic lighting in renders is an effective way to illustrate space and light in a building. IES Light Profiles contain accurate photometric information. This means that they can be used to create realistic light-shape and luminance in a render.This is an effective short-cut. Instead of calculating light behavior for each building or room that you create, these profiles can provide examples as a basis for accurate models.
3d modeling and photorealistic rendering of a project is developed in software. This 3D model is then imaged after creating the right texture, lighting, and shadows to make the images look very natural. So, effectively, photorealistic rendering architecture is the art of developing real-life images of the projects created by 3D visualization.
look the Point
A Shader:
Shader is a complicated element of photorealistic rendering. To overshadow the complications, lights, shadows, and textures can be used rightly.
Render Elements:
Elements like reflections and wire color are among the list of elements that makes photorealistic images look closer to life-like images.
Right scaling:
It is very important to use the rightly scaled elements in the image. If the objects are not rightly scaled, even the best lights and shadows will not make a life-like image.

Non-photorealistic-rendering techniques

Photorealistic 3D rendering and non-photorealistic rendering has become part of our daily lives. We may not realize the impact they have made in our life but after reading this article whenever you pick up a real estate manual or watch a cartoon you can relate more to how these techniques have a paved way into our lives.

Developing software

 that would facilitate the creation of an object about which the designer also did not have an idea. Without the knowledge of height, texture and other parameters, creating objects out of thin air is the art of non-photorealistic rendering.

The artists require the support of software techniques to convert their imaginative skills into actual objects. It is finding its use in Comics, animation and commercial products. 
Photorealism is more about pixel imaging the 3D projects but it does not allow the cartoon artists or gaming character artists to create life-like characters. Non-photorealistic rendering is a new genre of software technology that allows artists to convert different art forms into life-like characters.It comes as a new avenue of computer graphics using which the artists can create lifelike projects based on animation, painting, and drawing. In photorealistic rendering, the pixels are imaged as compared to non-photorealistic rendering where the line art, outlining, shading, distortions and other techniques are used.
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